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Boiler Servicing London

Annual Boiler Servicing London

Is it time for your annual boiler service?

To ensure that your boiler remains gas safe and in good working order for as long as possible, you must get your boiler serviced annually. All gas appliances should be serviced every 12 months.

Boiler Servicing London

Boiler Service Checklist

Our gas safe boiler engineers will conduct a thorough inspection of your boiler. A typical service usually includes but is not limited to:

After our engineers service your boiler, they will let you know if they have identified any problems such as corrosion or leaks that will require repairs to promote the health and longevity of your boiler.

How our Boiler Servicing works

We can combine a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12, CORGI Proforma 12) with the boiler service checks on a domestic condensing type boiler.

If parts within your boiler fail during the service inspection and it is within its warranty period, it is referred back to the manufacturer.

The manufacturer may repair or replace the boiler under their warranty.

We will only quote for additional maintenance on your boiler if the service checks indicate a problem, if the boiler has not been installed in accordance with the manufacturer instructions; or if the boiler cover has expired.

Residents should keep their boiler commissioning and servicing instructions and have them available for the gas engineer to refer to and complete. Our team can help by providing you with new boiler documentation if yours is misplaced.

By using our service, not only will your central heating be running more efficiently, problems which lead to a boiler repair can be avoided. A heating system works best when it is maintained well.

Servicing the boiler is a vital component amongst the list of maintenance checks.

Boiler Maintenance Advice

We advise our customers to take a number of actions on a daily/weekly basis to keep their boilers healthy between their annual checks.

  • Get a carbon monoxide alarm and a fire alarm fitted near your boiler and regularly check to see if it works
  • Familiarise yourself with the manufacturer’s handbook that came with your boiler. Be sure to keep this handbook safe and in a place that is easy to locate
  • Check the boiler’s water levels to ensure that it doesn’t drop too low, as this can have a negative effect on the functioning of your boiler
  • Inspect the temperature and pressure of your boiler and if you notice any significant changes, get in touch with us immediately on 07754259768, and we will get an engineer out to you ASAP.

Why choose Seight UK for your Boiler Maintenance Service

Seight UK is a gas, central heating and plumbing services company based in London. Here’s why you can count on us for your annual boiler service.

We'll take care of all your Boiler needs

Gas safety is of utmost importance. Do not attempt to perform repairs on your boiler yourself. Always call a gas safe registered engineer. We will ensure that your boiler is safe and energy-efficient. Have peace of mind with efficient running hot water, radiators all controlled and heating up optimally.

As well as our annual boiler maintenance service, we also install new boilers and deal with boiler breakdowns across London. Book your annual service today!

Please be aware carbon monoxide poisoning DOES affect thousands of people every year. Here at Seight UK, we help raise awareness as CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning is silent, has no distinct scent, and is not visible to the human eye. Over the years, we have rectified countless boilers that were found immediately dangerous under gas safe regulations and can be found in the unsafe situations and procedures documentation.

By having one of our engineers supply and install a recommended carbon monoxide (CO) detector in your property, you will be alerted to carbon monoxide (CO) leaks. This can also be supplied and installed at the same time we service your gas appliance. Like with your fire alarm, you must ensure that you test that your CO alarm is always working.