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Power Flushing Services

Power Flushing Services in London

Did you know that 80% of central heating issues are caused by the build-up of corrosion and debris?

Power flushing your system will not only aid in clearing the corrosion and debris but also improve your central heating efficiency by 25% along with many other benefits!

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Signs that you require Power Flushing services

Accumulations of sludge, corrosion and debris cause numerous heating problems. Here are some of the signs that indicate that you would benefit from power flushing services: cold spots on your radiator, loud noises coming from your boiler and/or pipes, boiler cutting out, dirty water present whilst bleeding the radiators, limited or no hot water due to clogged pipework and heat exchangers.

Benefits of Power Flushing

As mentioned above, Power Flushing your heating system will yield numerous benefits such as:

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Reduced Heating Bills

Once flushed your boiler will operate according to manufacturers instructions & lower bills.


Promote Boiler Health

Power Flushing to remove debris boosts the lifespan of your boiler, pipework, components & radiators.


Boiler Installation & Repairs

Our gas safe registered engineers offer a professional boiler installation service in Purley & around London. We fit & repair all boiler brands. Call us out today!


Quieter Operation

You may notice that systems in need of flushing can be quite noisy, Power Flushing reduces this.

Power Flush London

Once you have booked our Power Flushing service, we will send over one of our gas safe heating engineers.

Once they arrive, they will inspect your central heating system and check to see when you had your last boiler service.

Then they will identify where the best place is to set up the Power Flushing equipment in your home. Once the power flush equipment has been connected to your central heating system, a solution is introduced into the system to loosen the accumulation of iron oxide and limescale, corrosion and to inhibit rust.

As the sludge is flushed through the system, it is captured by a magnetic filter to capture the corrosion/sludge and remove it from the system.

After the procedure, the engineer will introduce inhibitors to the central heating system to protect against buildups of corrosion. You can also opt to have various types of filter(s) and a limescale inhibitor fitted after the Power Flush service to further protect your system from corrosion/limescale/sludge accumulations.

Our powerflushing experts here at Seight UK are qualified gas engineers who provide high quality, professional service. We serve customers in the London and Greater London area, proudly restoring heating and hot water to households.

What is power flushing?

Over time, iron oxide and limescale builds up throughout heating systems. This coats the lining of pipes which reduces the flow of hot water in your heating system. This results in your boiler having to work harder which increases your fuel bills (a bit similar to cholesterol building up in the human body).

Power Flushing is the process of flushing clean water and chemicals through your central heating system using a flushing pump to dislodge and clear the build-up of iron oxide and limescale.

The process is quick and can usually be completed within a day for most domestic properties. However, larger systems may take longer to be flushed so the time it takes to power flush your system will depend on the size.

If you are experiencing the signs of having a build-up of sludge in your central heating system, it is advised that you request Power Flushing services sooner rather than later to promote and boost the health of your radiators and boiler.

You can check your radiators by turning on your central heating, waiting for your radiators to warm up, then briefly and carefully touch the top corners of the radiator and the centre of the bottom of the radiator. If the centre of the bottom of the radiator is cooler than the top corners, you’ll benefit from a Power Flush.

When you call out one of our engineers they will use their expert judgement to advise you on what to do as sometimes you will be advised to replace your radiator rather than just flushing the system.